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Who We Are

Stan Roller & Associates, Inc. is a professional consulting firm specializing in architectural acoustic design, mechanical systems noise control and audio/video/technical systems design.
We work with architects, engineers, theater consultants and owners to integrate the science of acoustics and the art of sound into a flawless end result. As an integral part of the design team, we strive to blend the appropriate architectural acoustics and system design into the overall structure plan.
Our consultants use the latest computer-based design, analysis and acoustic simulation systems to analyze the project, design the optimum acoustical systems environment and integrate the design into the parameters of the space.

Stan Roller & Associates, Inc. is a group of independent consultants. We do not represent any manufacturers, resellers or distributors of acoustical products, sound/video equipment or other components. This allows us to provide our clients with completely unbiased designs and recommendations. We are the owner's acoustic and technical systems representative to the design team.

Why Use An Acoustic Consultant?

Acoustics and sound influences all structures. Noise reduction and isolation, employee privacy, speech intelligibility and sound quality issues need to be addressed throughout the design, engineering and construction phases of a project. Acoustical consultants ensure that the influence of acoustic issues on a building are positive. Today's listener expects that the buildings they use; from conference rooms to concert halls, doctor's offices to arenas, perform to the highest standards. Acoustical consultants take their extensive knowledge of sound and vibration and apply it to real world settings in order to properly address these issues.
Why Use Stan Roller & Associates, Inc.?
For Your Sound System Design
For Your Video System Design

Case Study: Omaha Public Schools

Omaha Publics Schools When the Omaha Public Schools needed to update their Boardroom Suite with state-of-the-art audio/video broadcast, recording and sound reinforcement capabilities, Stan Roller & Associates, Inc. was retained to provide complete design, budgeting, bidding and construction oversight duties. The project included HD digital cameras with pan/tilt control, a full digital film editing/storage suite, live presentation/sound reinforcement systems and comprehensive touch panel control. Stan Roller & Associates, Inc. provided the essential design and oversight that allowed OPS to exceed their needs and stay within budget.

Case Study: The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp

Hole in the wall gang campPaul Newman's Foundation created a camp for children with illnesses that prevent them from attending ordinary summer camps.
The designers wanted the walls to be exposed wood lath, painted a rich dark blue. To achieve the necessary acoustic qualities, Stan Roller & Associates, Inc. utilized glass fiber behind the lath in some areas and gypsum board in others. Two sound systems are utilized to allow highly articulate sound and maximum gain from stage microphones.
Many of the children have uncorrected hearing problems and require very clear sounds in order to hear. The sound systems is used for music playback and sound for the video projection systems. The systems are extremely user friendly to allow operators of varying technical expertise to achieve quality results.